Prayer Group

Parish Prayer Group

7:30pm – 9:30pm
Our Lady’s Church, St. Anne’s Room
The purpose of the Parish Prayer Group is:
  • To Praise and Worship God  
  • To offer witness of God’s presence with us and to provide a forum in which people can come and experience God’s love and the fellowship of the community in a relaxed and informal setting
  • To build relationship with Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit
  • To exercise the Gifts of the Holy Spirit
  • To pre-evangelise and evangelise
  • To help members build their prayer life
  • To be a place people can be invited without commitment to begin their faith journey or somewhere for people to continue their journey after, say, an introduction through Alpha
  • To help form community

The format of the meeting, generally, is as follows – but always open to the leading of the Holy Spirit:

  • Opening Prayer
  • A period of Prayer, Praise and Thanksgiving
  • A Teaching and reflection/Scripture Reading – this could be on the Gospel of the following Sunday since it makes Sunday Mass, and the days before it, more meaningful. It can be given by a priest, religious or lay person.  However, I think that we could run various themes at different times of the year and look at different prayer types
  • A period of Worship and Adoration beginning with music and entering a time of silent contemplation
  • A time of intercession, prayer for specific people or needs – sometimes laying on of hands for healing
  • A final chorus and closing prayer
  • Notices and the sign of peace