18th Sunday of Ordinary Time


We continue reading from John 6: this is the aftermath of the miracle, and we see the beginnings of a misunderstanding that will develop over the next four weeks. People have seen the miracle, but not the message: they have seen the sign, but not what it points towards. The bread that was given is a sign of the Bread of Life, which is the teaching, the words and the very person of Jesus, as the revelation of the Father. His mission is to draw people back to his Father, to found a New Covenant or relationship. As the weeks go by, we will see that the people’s hunger is simply for spectacle and miracle, not for the much harder teaching of living nourished by God’s word and the presence of his only Son. For us, the People of the New Covenant, these passages must make us think of how we receive the Lord in the Eucharist. Are we nour­ished by his presence, so that all the hunger and thirst of our lives is answered by the One who is the Bread of Life?


The things we have heard and understood, the things our fathers have told us, we will tell to the next generation: the glories of the Lord and his might. He commanded the clouds above and opened the gates of heaven. He rained down manna for their food, and gave them bread from heaven. Mere men ate the bread of angels. He sent them abundance of food. He brought them to his holy land, to the mountains which his right hand had won.


First Reading: Exodus 16: 2-4, 12-15

Second Reading: Ephesians 4:17, 20-24            

Gospel Reading: John 6: 24-35


18th Sunday of Ordinary Time 2015 Newsletter

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