22nd Sunday Of Ordinary Time


Everyone who exalts himself will be humbled,
and the man who humbles himself will be exalted.

Humble behaviour is the mark of the Christian, as it always was the mark of someone “in favour with the Lord.” In the Gospel, we see Jesus watching the Pharisees: it’s almost amusing to picture them shuffling for the best places, the polite “After you!” to put themselves in a better position. How would they have reacted to his teaching? They may well have remembered the passage we read from the Old Testament, and realised that Jesus was teaching the teachers something they should be well aware of.


The just shall rejoice at the presence of God, they shall exult and dance for joy. O sing to the Lord, make music to his name; rejoice in the Lord, exult at his presence. Father of the orphan, defender of the widow, such is God in his holy place. God gives the lonely a home to live in; he leads the prisoners forth into freedom. You poured down, O God, a generous rain: when your people were starved you gave them new life. It was there that your people found a home, prepared in your goodness, O God, for the poor.


First Reading:    Eccl 3:1-21, 30-31

Second Reading: Heb 12:18-19,22-24

Gospel Reading: Luke 14:1,7-14


22nd Sunday Of Ordinary Time 2016 Newsletter




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