31st Sunday of Ordinary Time 2018 Newsletter


The Word This Week

Every priest, and indeed every Catholic, can sometimes find themselves in the position of someone asking “This religion of yours –what’s it all about, really, when you come down to it? What’s the bottom line?”Our temptation might be to start going on at length, which is when we should remember this Gospel. Jesus, asked a very similar question, pins our faith down to two very simple things –love of God and love of neighbour –which together make up the foundation for everything else in our religion. The very simplicity of these two commandments is a gift, so that we can try to live them out each day of our lives. The first commandment, which is also that given by Moses in the first reading, is actually a prayer that our Jewish brothers and sisters still recite every single day.  Jesus, our perfect High Priest, gives us these two commandments to be written in our heads and our hearts, to remember each day, so that we may conduct ourselves in the paths of the Kingdom of God

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