Fifth Sunday Of Ordinary Time



He cured many who suffered from diseases of one kind or another.

This world, as we know, is a fragile and fallible place, in which we encounter hunger, disease, sickness and death. Jesus proclaims, by his actions of healing, that there is another world, the Kingdom of God, which will be free from all such anxieties and afflictions. The story of Paradise and the Garden of Eden painted a picture of a world which was perfect, and free from all problems. Jesus came into the world precisely to offer us a return to Eden, if we follow him. Each of his miracles is also, in some sense, a parable or teaching, pointing out to us something of the lost happiness and perfection which he is restoring. This vision of Paradise is not Utopian or delusory, not just a vain hope to comfort us with, but the true manifestation of God’s love for us. Jesus could not cure every disease or sickness in the world then: but his miracles of healing are a sign that one day, when the Kingdom comes, sickness and disease will be wiped away for ever.

1st Reading :Job 7: 1-4, 6-7

2nd Reading: 1 Cor 9: 16-19, 22-23

Gospel Reading: Mark 1: 29-39


Praise the Lord for he is good; sing to our God for he is loving: to him our praise is due. The Lord builds up Jerusalem and brings back Israel’s exiles. He heals the broken – hearted, he bind up all their wounds. He fixes the number of the stars; he calls each one by its name. Our Lord is great and almighty; his wisdom can never be measured. The Lord raises the lowly; he humbles the wicked to the dust

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