20th Sunday of Ordinary Time 2018 Newsletter


Go Beyond The Mind You Have

In his inaugural speech, as reported in the Gospel of Mark, Jesus announced the arrival of the Kingdom of God and thereupon he immediately called people to change: “Repent, and believe in the gospel” (MK 1:15).  The word that we typically render as “repent” is a metanoiete, a term that is based on the two Greek words meta (beyond) and nous (mind).  With the inbreaking of the Kingdom of God, we must change our attitude, our way of thinking, our perspective on things, the manner in which we see.  We have to see the world differently and in light of that new vision; we have to change the way we act.  Once we envision our own existence – and indeed the being of the entire universe – as a gift of a gracious God, we gladly resolve to give our lives away as a gift of love.  And when we do that, we find ourselves increased thirty-, sixty-, and a hundredfold, the divine life continuing to flood into us.  Once we see that Godislove, we are no longer afraid to risk the path of love.  The teaching of Jesus is all about this new vision and this summons to change.

Archbishop Robert Barron


Faith is above all a personal, intimate encounter with Jesus, and to experience his closeness, his friendship, his love; only in this way does one learn to know him ever more, and to love and follow him ever more.  May this happen to each one of us.

Pope Benedict XVl


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