3rd Sunday of Ordinary Time


“Repent and believe the good news!”

Where does Jesus begin his ministry? Where John the Baptist left off – preaching a message of repentance, of change, to welcome the new Kingdom of God. There is a simplicity about this message, which is not compromised by anything – today’s Gospel has these simple words from Jesus, and then the story of his calling more disciples to follow him and share in the work of spreading this message. Repentance has had something of a bad press – we tend to think of it as an old-fashioned concept. But every age needs to hear this call: to look at what we do and say and assume, and realise that there are such things as right and wrong, and that sometimes we follow the wrong path. To follow Jesus, and to accept the Kingdom of God, demands that we make a radical choice, which might well change our lives


3rd Sunday of Ordinary Time 2018 Newsletter


Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 18th -25th January











Holy Trinity

Richmond Road Baptist

Our Lady’s

Fairhill Methodist Church

Salvation Army




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