Fifth Sunday of Easter


“I give you a new commandment: love one another.”

We are now closer to Ascension and Pentecost than Easter, but we are still in the Easter Season. The readings this Sunday begin to move us along too, as once more we hear the Lord at the Last Supper preparing his disciples for his departure: he does this by giving them a rule to live by, a new commandment. This commandment, love one another, is to be the guiding light of the community of believers after Pentecost (check the first reading for the Second Sunday of Easter) it is the risen Lord’s parting gift to his Church.


The Lord is kind and full of compassion, slow to anger, abounding in love. How good is the Lord to all, compassionate to all his creatures. All your creatures shall thank you, O Lord, and your friends shall repeat their blessing. They shall speak of the glory of your reign and declare your might, O God, to make known to men your mighty deeds and the glorious splendour of your reign. Yours is an everlasting kingdom; your rule lasts from age to age.


First Reading: Acts 14: 21-27

Second Reading: Apoc 21: 1-5

Gospel Reading John 13: 31-35


5th Sunday of Easter 2016 Newsletter

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