Fourth Sunday in Advent

“Listen! You are to conceive and bear a son.”

Here we enter a new stage of Advent: having spent so much time on the Second Coming, now we look back, to remember the details of the Lord’s First Coming. Today we focus on the character of Mary, and hear of the angel Gabriel being sent to her, to invite her to take her part in the mystery of the Incarnation, “the revelation of the mystery kept secret for endless ages”. This mystery springs from the House of David, and so we lead into the Gospel by hearing of the establishing of that house. An interesting idea is that the first reading talks of David wishing to build a house for the Lord; through the prophet he is told not of the house that he would build, but the House which is his line: eventually, in Mary (betrothed to Joseph) the House of David does itself become the house of the Lord, the womb wherein he has a dwelling place.


Fourth Sunday of Advent 2017 Newsletter


Christmas Mass Times

Holy Day of Obligation


Our Lady of the Angels

9.00pm (Sunday Evening)

9.00am Christmas Morning (Monday)

 St David’s

6.00pm (Sunday Evening)

10.30am Christmas Morning (Monday)


Wishing everyone a very Happy and Holy Christmas

and a Peaceful New Year


Canon John

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