Third Sunday of Advent


“There stands among you, unknown to you, the one who is coming after me.”

So who is coming? This Sunday’s readings help to answer that question. John the Baptist is asked about the coming of the Messiah – is it him? He affirms his role as a witness to speak for the light, by pointing to the one who stands among the crowd unknown to them who is coming after him. This idea is present in the First Reading, where Isaiah proclaims what the anointed one (Messiah’ in Hebrew) will do, and the joy that this will bring. It is interesting that the Psalm appointed for this Sunday is the Magnificat – Mary’s song of praise at the announcement that the Messiah would be born of her – in which she sings of the works of the coming Messiah. Paul then reminds us that we are still waiting patiently: God has called you, and he will not fail you.” This is why, on this ‘’Gaudete’’ Sunday, we as God’s people rejoice in his care, made visible in his promises, fulfilled in Jesus.


Third Sunday of Advent 2017 Newsletter


Advent to Christmas

Our Lady of the Angels


Monday 18th at Our Lady’s 6pm-7pm

Saturday 23rd at Our Lady’s at 10.30am-11.30am


Christmas Masses

9.00pm (Sunday Evening)

9.00am Christmas Morning (Monday)


 St David’s


Thursday 21st at St David’s 10am-11.00am

Saturday 23rd at St David’s 4.15pm-4.45pm


Christmas Masses

6.00pm (Sunday Evening)

10.30am Christmas Morning (Monday)

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