“Then Jesus summoned the Twelve and began to send them out in pairs…” 

When we think of a prophet, we may naturally have a particular image in our mind, a particular caricature, of what a prophet may look like. This image may be the a biblical image, such as St. John the Baptist, for example, or the prophet voice of Isaiah. The image of a prophet which we may construct could take its influence from more modern times: Mother Theresa, for example, or the great St. John Paul II. 

The prophetic vocation is not only a reserved vocation for a small few, but something which all of us receive through the grace of Baptism. At our baptisms, we were anointed priest, prophet, and king, and so are given a special mandate to “go, make disciples of all the nations”. To be sent out, to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ, is the reason for our existence; it’s what enables discipleship to make sense. Just as Jesus sends out the Twelve, so are we sent out, also, to proclaim, to make Jesus known in the world. The Gospel invites us to do this with trust; trusting thatJesus will give us everything we need – and more – to turn this from a nice theory into reality. 


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