Site Manager Parish Hall Cwmbran

Job Title:   Site Manager Parish Hall Cwmbran

 Location:   Parish Hall (adjacent to Our Lady’s School, Cwmbran) 

Reporting to: Parish Priest

Contract Type: Twelve Month Fixed Term Contract 

Salary: £10.90 per hour

Job Purpose

The Parish Hall is a venue used by both the Catholic and wider community in Cwmbran. The facilities comprise a large hall space and meeting room.

The caretaker will work closely with the Parish Priest and the Parish Office to manage and maintain the Parish Hall complex, ensuring it is well-maintained, Health and Safety requirements are up to date, identifying and dealing promptly with any issues that may arise.

Your duties will include

Your duties will include the following areas. This is not an exhaustive list:

  • Regular inspection of the entire property, internal and external
  • Maintaining the health and safety standard of the property
  • Reporting any issues identified to the parish priest on a timely basis; discussing and agreeing with the Parish Priest the appropriate course of action to deal with them
  • In emergency situations to contact approved contractors such as plumbers, electricians, etc. to arrangeemergency work, and where possible accompanying them when they visit the premises.
  • Preparing the Parish Hall for meetings, classes etc., including moving furniture to the required layout where necessary; ensuring the site is clean and tidy before and after any booking.
  • Supporting any volunteers who undertake maintenance or repair work.
  • Other reasonable duties relating to the Parish Hall as requested by the Parish Priest from time to time.You will initially be required to work a minimum of ten hours per week across 5 days per week, one of which will be a Saturday. This will enable the post-holder to complete regular tasks such as weekly Health and Safety checks. In addition, there will be a requirement to work up to twenty-four flexible hours in each four-week period. This equates to an average of 16 hours per week. Flexible hours will be confirmed in advance in order to align with hall bookings and other Parish commitments. These hours may be varied or increased by mutual agreement, if for example, you are asked to accompany contractors entering the property before 9 am. You will be entitled to 18 days leave during the initial contract period (including bank holidays).

    Overtime, holiday dates and any expenditure over £100 must be must be agreed with the parish priest in advance. You will normally be expected to take holidays at a different time from those of the parish priest.

    Experience Required

  • Experience of all aspects of caretaking work
  • In sympathy with the values of the Catholic Church
  • Reasonable knowledge of Health and Safety requirements and risk assessments
  • Some knowledge of issues connected with plumbing, utilities (water, gas, electricity) and building maintenance to report issues of concern to the Parish Priest or Parish Office
  • Pleasant manner when dealing with the public or contractors personally or by telephone.
  • Required to undertake a DBS check.
  • Disposing of waste, utilising outside collection bins and operating in consideration of recycling policies
  • Keeping adequate stock and ordering supplies of materials required in accordance with protocols sanctioned by the Parish Priest

Please note: This is not intended to be a comprehensive description of the duties of the post. The post holder may be required to undertake other related duties as required.

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