Second Sunday in Advent

Make his paths straight

Throughout the first three weeks of Advent our focus is very clearly on the Second Coming of the Lord – not so much on the run up to Christmas (until the last week). If we view Advent as a preparation for Christmas these readings will make little sense – and neither will the figure of John the Baptist who appears today: if it’s about the preparation for Christmas, then John the Baptist, preaching after Jesus was born, is a confusing figure: but his role is to preach to us, as he did of old, and to prepare us for the (second) coming of the Lord. Today we have a very graphic reference to the end of time and the Second Coming in the reading from Saint Peter; it is a frightening picture, and so the first reading offers tender words of comfort to help us understand who is coming, and why we should be ready to meet him.


Second Sunday of Advent 2017 Newsletter


Advent to Christmas

Penitential Service Friday 15th December

Our Lady’s: 2.30pm

Fr Nick James and Fr Liam Hennessey will be here with Canon John

24th December 4th Sunday of Advent:

St David’s:         5pm (Sat)

Our Lady’s:       9.30am (Sun)

N.B. There will be no morning at 11.15am



Christmas Eve: St David’s

                           Our Lady’s 9pm

Christmas Day: Our Lady’s 9am

                             St David’s 10.30am

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